How did I get the name Uncle Bekah?

Bekah Hardick. Owner of Uncle Bekah's

The story behind the hats:

Back in 2007-ish I was cleaning out the attic at my folks house and I came across a funny black trucker hat with orange print that read, "hoof arted" and I thought it was hilarious. Apparently, it was a gag gift from my grandpa many many years ago! I started wearing it while bartending in Key West and people from all over the world tried to buy it off my head almost daily. So, I had some made at a t-shirt shop on Duval St. and started selling them to my friends. A couple years and a few states later I bought a hat press and shit got really out of hand! I didn't intend for my business to be "Inappropriate Trucker Hats", it was really just a sign I made with a sharpie to warn parents with children at one of my little pop ups out side Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater, OK . At the time, my business was called Deuce Peppers (a nickname of mine with a hilarious back story). Nobody could ever remember that name and Uncle Bekah was really beginning to stick, along with Inappropriate Trucker Hats....and that's how Uncle Bekah's Inappropriate Trucker Hats was born. 

The original "hoof arted" hat

Grandpa Ogle


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When the goin gets weird, the weird go pro.
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